Friday, 1 April 2011

Peace, perfect peace

In my house tonight, the only sounds are low purring and the crackle of a log fire.  Yes.  I don't care how warm it is, I will have a log fire with the windows open if necessary.

There is no TV, no music, no burping or farting, no bickering or fighting, no catcalling or grumbling.  No bleeping of mobile phones or computers.  It's bliss.  The reasons for this are:-
  • TD has gone for a sleepover with her two best girlfriends. I have to pick her up at 8.30 tomorrow to go shopping for a prom dress *gulp*
  • TS has mooched off to the pub with his mate from Argentina.
  • The Shah departed for Las Vegas this morning for a conference.
Yup, you read that last point correctly.  The Shah has gone to Las Vegas for a conference.  I have to say that, as euphemisms go, that is a pretty good one, even by his standards.  Unfortunately, my job being akin to the ninth circle of hell at the moment, it didn't occur to me to ask why he had to depart on a Friday morning for a conference that begins on Monday, until last night.  I won't bore you with his answer, mainly because it was so woolly and unconvincing that I have already forgotten it.

And - how sad is this - he asked if he could bring us anything back.  TS requested an ipad2 - cue hollow laughter from his parents.  TS rattled off a long list of MAC makeup which is apparently much cheaper in the US.  All I could think of?  Ziploc bags.  Feckin' ZIPLOC BAGS. 

What is the matter with me? 
(That was a rhetorical question, by the way).  Oh, and I know the TV is on in the photo but it's an old photo.


  1. I'm sure you can think of some more goodies that you can let him know about while he's there no? ;)

  2. Oh dear, I'm laughing at your request. That is sad m'dear, you have to think of something else - quick!

  3. God love you xxx you're so low maintenance

  4. Taz -I'm still trying and I can't! Also, I'm not convinced I could trust him to get the right thing....

    NSM - I know - I am horrified at how pathetic I am

    Auntie - I think I need your prayers. Low Maintenance is NOT what I aspire to!

  5. If it's not too late, it might be worth asking him to come back with at least some of your savings?


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