Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Back on the radar

Hello chums!  Did you miss me?  I wish I could fabricate some wildly exciting reason for my longest ever break from blogging but all I can tell you is that life got in the way and, as is usual for wives and mothers, everything else took precedence. (Whinge over).

So what has been occupying my tiny mind in recent weeks?  Sadly not your blogs as I haven't had time to read those either - so apologies to all those people who can usually rely on a comment from me.

The first thing that happened was that my (very elderly) mother had a fall and was admitted to hospital in the middle of the night.  By the time the medics tracked me down and I had trekked to her local sanatorium, she was sitting up, very chipper, full of antibiotics and IV fluids.  When the nice nurse came round to ask if she'd like a drink, how do you think she responded?  did she say:-
a)  Thank you dear, I'd love a cup of tea
b)  A latte would be lovely
c)  Got any Gin & tonic?
I'm sure you can work it out for yourselves.  

And, when she was finally given a discharge date, how did she react?  Did she say:-
a)  Tuesday? Wonderful!
b)  Tuesday? - oh well, I'll miss the lovely hospital food but never mind.
c)   Tuesday?  Good.  Now look here (turning to me) if you don't come and get me out of here on Tuesday I shall lie on the floor and scream and show my knickers.


In the midst of all this, son and heir departed for 3 weeks in Brazil, taking in some of the World Cup.  It's a hard old life, innit?  Here is a pic of him and me at the airport:

Not sure what went wrong with the perspective - his feet aren't that big and I'm not that small.  Oh, maybe I am...
He hadn't been there 5 minutes when he happened to go up Sugar Loaf Mountain, as one does, and bumped straight into Colleen Rooney.  That's him in the middle with his arm round Wayne's* missus.  
*For the benefit of my non-Brit readers, Wayne Rooney is a football (soccer) player who plays up front for Manchester United.  He is also a sometime film actor who has played the title role in such monumental movie successes as Shrek and Shrek the Balls.

Son is still out there and seems to be having a great time.  When he gets back, we have 24 hours with both of them at home before daughter leaves for Thailand and Cambodia.  For a month.  The Shah and I are hoping to grab a week in Greece later in the summer.  Bloody hell.  We've gone horribly wrong somewhere.

And finally....last weekend we had the enormous pleasure (not) of moving daughter out of her University accommodation.  The way things worked out, she was the last to leave so, of course, we got the brunt of the cleaning. How the hell none of them died of salmonella poisoning during the year, I will never know.

Enjoy the photos of the fridge.  Hope you're not eating while you view them:

This was brown slime that actually made me heave....

How appropriate!  We have tons of random crap in the house now :(