Monday, 5 May 2014

Three things I have learned recently

Following on from last time's revelations about Paddy the cat's nocturnal mouse-munching activities, he remains shut out of the bedroom at night - something he is clearly not happy with. So, as the rumination of rodents failed to have any impact, he has reverted to emotional manipulation to gain access. As soon as he hears the alarm clock go off in the morning, the whining and scratching at the door begins.  I have learned that, if he is ignored for more than a couple of minutes, the supplicating furry arms appear:-
Followed by a slightly more insistent gesticulation:-

And when that doesn't work (mainly because I am laughing and trying to take pictures very early in the morning which is my excuse for the shocking quality) there comes the vaguely threatening two-paws approach:-

The second thing I have learned this weekend is this....If you are in a DIY shop and have to dodge out of the way of an injured man using his walking aid to point out the location of the paint to his wife, do not say to your husband "blimey, that bloke nearly hit me in the face with his crutch" because it will make him snort with inappropriate laughter and everyone will stare at you.

And the final thing I have learned lately is that, if you discover the lasagne you just used to make a delicious meal for your family is 2 years out of date, say nothing.  They all survived the experience and they never read this blog anyway.  Right?

The proof.....sssshhhhh!