Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Prodigal Son

So far, so much as expected for Mother's Day.  My beautiful daughter's card is handmade, colourful and full of writing inside telling me how much she loves me and treasures our relationship.  It is quite the lovliest thing and made me well up.

My beautiful son's card is, ahem, somewhat different.  It is very pretty and looks like this...

Inside, it says "To wish you a happy Mother's Day and let you know just how special you are".  Aaah, how lovely, I hear you sigh, your eyes misting over.

Unfortunately, he has underlined the word "special" and written 'lol' beside it.

The inscription reads 'mum - sorry about the faggoty card but the other choices were even worse xx'

Made me laugh out loud!  Wouldn't it be boring if they were all the same?


  1. Awww 'bless' him LOL
    I had 4 cards in total from my 2 small people, 3 handmade ones from wee one, 2 that I have had for over a week already - she couldn't wait.

  2. Oh bless her! girls are much better at that sort of thing than boys although, for years I had handmade cards from both of them and the boy's were enough to make me weep with laughter. Hope you had a lovely day!

  3. LOL! Or as we older people say Hilarious!

  4. Macy - yes, he is a right little charmer. He was so impressed with his own wit!

  5. I love homemade cards...trouble is I am a hoarder and can never throw anything away.....have boxes and boxes of drawings and cards and stuff now....will need to just take pictures/scan into pc and get throw them away!

  6. I keep them all too - right from the scrawly ones they did when they could barely hold a pen! I might have to hire a lockup soon to hold them all!


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