Friday, 15 April 2011

Oh no, not my baby...

I like a good wallow in self pity and am currently referring to myself as Cinderella, on the grounds that the Shah has enjoyed a well-documented holiday working trip to Las Vegas, TD is shortly off to Berlin and TS is on his way home from a Hockey tour to Spain.  I get to stay at home and be sensible.  (ish).

Being a bit distracted by work and just life in general, we probably didn't pay too much attention to the details (or lack of) supplied by TS about said tour.  All we knew was that it was a University sports festival - he would be playing Hockey every day and I think both the Shah and I thought what a good thing it was for him to do - lots of sport, lots of fresh air etc.  Yes, he spent considerable time and money hunting down fancy dress outfits before he left  - even to the extent of raiding the old dressing up box in the garage for his Fireman Sam outfit, but that's all part of lads on tour isn't it? Oh stupid, stupid parents.

We were quite oblivious until someone brought an article in yesterday's Daily Mail to our attention.  Featuring pictures like this:-

and this...
and this...
and this...

You can read the whole article here if you have a strong stomach.  Because I care for the sensibilities of my readership, I have omitted the photo of the lad in mid-vom in the street....lovely.

He is now on his way home and questions will be asked!  All I can say is that there is no feeling quite like examining photos like these hoping against hope that you cannot spot your own child in them.  (we couldn't, thank God.)

Stop Press!  TS has just arrived home, looking unexpectedly healthy (nice tan) and very cheerful.  Unfortunately, all the Freshers were attacked with hair clippers on day 1 so his barnet now looks like this...
(not my son - he won't let me take his photo)

According to him all the press reports are wildly over-exaggerated.  Ahem.


  1. I'm sure he was the very model of decorum and restraint.

    After all, how much trouble could a young man get himself into with a haircut like that?

  2. Best that mums don't know everything I suspect...he is all is well.

  3. Andy - I would love to think so - unfortunately, I remember what I (and the boys I knew) was like at 18....!

    Libby - you are so right. He's home in one piece and that is good enough for me.

  4. OK, third time lucky. I keep hitting the wrong key and sending the message before it's finished.

    Funny how the press only reported on British students despite the fact that Saloufest is sold all over Europe and I see the mayor of Salou said the reporting was biased and there were no problems and they love having the students there.

    I'm quite sure TS was in bed by 10pm with a good book anyway... after all, I know his parents!

  5. WG m- I think you are right. TS said that there was absolutely no violence of any sort and, whilst boozy, it was a friendly atmosphere. But yuo know the Daily Mail - how they love to get hysterical about everything! In bed by ten with a good book - LOL! x

  6. And is that haircut having any effect on how girls are behaving towards him? At all? LOL

    Surely everything in the Daily Mail is true - no?


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