Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In Salou-brious

First up, I apologise for the ridiculous title of this post.  It was just irresistible.

This is the final word on the debauchery of Saloufest (incidentally, if you follow this link, you will find the following instruction:-  "Do not settle for second best- join the other eight thousand students who live and breath for one week a year!"  Hmmm, not an English graduate then?)

I thought I would share this with you because it made me laugh.  According to TS, the worst aggression shown all week was their chants of "we are red-brick - you're a f*cking poly" to rival Unis.

Not exactly ASBO standard, huh?  


  1. As I said before, the Mayor didn't think so either. Glad to see the Uni/Poly rivalry is still going strong! Did you get my e-mail btw? Sent to the one on your profile as I seem to have lost your proper one

  2. No - no email has arrived. Bah! I will email you my alternative email address!! x


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