Wednesday, 23 March 2011

3 x 9

Having been tagged by Libby, I promised that I would enter into the spirit of the 3 x 9 here goes:

Three names I go by: Mum,  Muuuuuum and 'CQ' (it's surprising how many people have taken to calling me that...)

Three places I’ve lived: Oop North, Dahn Sarf and (incongruously) Marseilles

Three places I’ve worked: A Hospital Operating Theatre, a school and at home and guess which was hardest?

Three things I love to watch:  Coronation Street (it's my Northern roots showing) My kids when they don't think I'm looking, our cats eating cardboard boxes like this:-

Three places I have been & love: New York, Dublin and home

Three people that email me regularly: The Shah (to hurl abuse), my friend A who likes to read the blog and regularly sends me her comments in an email, thousands of people on work-related topics, normally asking damn-fool questions

Three things I love to eat: Grapes, Chocolate and spicy food - the spicier the better

Three things I am looking forward to: The Easter holidays, the Summer Holidays and winning the Lottery so that I am no longer a wage-slave.

I think I am meant to tag 3 other people but I think everyone in the known universe has been got already.  So if you feel like following suit, let me know...!


  1. Grapes, chocolate and spicy food sounds like a terrible combination to me...
    Have you tried toast butter and jam??

  2. Er, well not all together, lol!

  3. 'My kids when they don't think I'm watching' so wonderful! We all do it don't we? From watching them sleep when tiny to having to lift up our heads to look up to them.

  4. Libby - I remember catching my mum doing it to me and being mightily irritated by it! Little did I know!

  5. I haven't done it! :(

    Yes airing cupboard done, wardrobes next, then it's whole rooms! This is a very long ongoing job lol

  6. Taz - you are clearly some sort of Domestic Goddess in the mould of Nigella and Anthea. If you are not baking, you are cleaning. Would you like to come and stay for a while?!

  7. CQ do you ever wonder why I don't post pictures of my house? ~hmmm well that should explain why I'm currently gutting the whole place LOL

    And why yes I'd love to come stay, bake a cake, sort out your airing cupboard and sit infront of the fire with you :)


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