Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Post-Christmas post

My previous whining about the Shah's inability to purchase a decent Christmas present here clearly stung him into action and I am happy to say that he totally outdid himself in the gifts-you-would-die-for department this year.  I'm not going to swank on about them because there would be nothing more annoying.  The only thing I will mention is that I have finally, finally, after years of begging, been given the complete box set of Frasier.  I am a happy,  happy woman and have so far managed to watch 12 episodes in one evening.  Would have been more, had I not been interrupted by teenagers in search of a mother with a pulse.

Meanwhile, I managed to jump onto the tail end of the BMB Blog Hop while wiping tears of laughter from my chops after the latest episode - the one where Eddie stares at Frasier non-stop....you had to be there really......

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