Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dear Santa....

I'm not a greedy person, neither am I particularly materialistic – I believe it is wholly wrong to be owned by ones possessions.  However, just very occasionally, I lust after something really nice, really special and given the Shah’s parlous track record in the present-buying department I guess it might be time to air my ultimate wishlist...

The Shah has a well known aversion to holidays, but who couldn't enjoy themselves in one of these? 
A mere snip at only £54,000.

If that didn't fit the bill, a replica Batmobile would surely liven up the school run...
Loose change should cover it at £120,000.

Or (keep buying the lottery tickets) a watch like this (slightly more reasonably priced).

I wrote last time about the wig and the nails and had a phone call from Son at Uni who had read it and was laughing hysterically.  Come to think of it, they could still be in the old dressing up box in the garage.  If I manage to find them I promise I will post a photo of me (or even better the Shah!) wearing both.

Back in the real world, I might ask for a Wine Rack for Christmas to hold all the alcohol I am going to need to see myself through.  Sadly, I know that this is what I am likely to receive.  

Baps made of Booze - the Shah would be in heaven!


  1. Ooh I was in Tiffany in Sloan Square yesterday, very sparkly and I love the wine rack, my son would love that as a Christmas present!!!!

  2. I daren't go into Tiffany anywhere for fear that I'll run amok with a credit card and do the Shah some irreparable financial damage!


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