Monday, 18 November 2013

Delhi Belly

Oh dear - it is a long time since I put shellac to keyboard, isn't it? Sorry chums - to those of you who may think I've dropped off the face of the planet and those who really don't give a f.... Apologies too to all those blog owners whose writings I normally read and comment on - something else that has been let slide. It's just that, since we got back from India, life has been like an explosion in a WTF factory (credit here to Aunty Gwen, from whom I have nicked this fine phraseology).
So, although we got home a couple of weeks ago, I have only just found time to bore you with the holiday snaps enlighten you with tales of our fascinating travels.

It has only taken me approximately 20 years of sustained nagging to get the Shah to agree to go to the land of his forebears.  'Why is that, CQ?' I hear you cry. 'Surely the Shah feels right at home on the sub-continent?'  Does he hell as like! (whoops - northern roots showing there).  The Shah is, as I like to tell anyone who will listen, a confirmed coconut.*  In fact he spent the entire holiday referring to his countrymen as "them".  QED.

Anyway, enough of him.  We decided to eschew his home state of Gujarat and instead do the 'Golden Triangle' which takes in the three most famous areas of India - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and hold onto your hats chumlets, because you are going to hear about them all.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

So - we arrived in Delhi at dead of night.  Luckily we had arranged for a driver to meet us and take us to our hotel.  Unluckily, we couldn't find him and he couldn't find us.  Eventually, a couple of phone calls sorted this out.  The next day we had hired a guide and another driver to show us the sights.  This was probably a bit of a misjudgement because we were absolutely knackered after a 9 hour flight  and only lasted half a day in the heat and humidity before requesting to be taken back to the hotel so we could crash out.  We did manage to see some brilliant sights though:-

The amazing Red Fort 17th C home of Shah Jahan

This where the Shah used to sit to commune with his subjects

The extraordinary Qutub Minar

The names Bhond - Jamez Bhond
I should explain here that the Shah is striking a pose in the manner of a poor man's James Bond as that is what all young Indian men appear to do when having their photo taken.  It was quite bizarre.  We saw a bunch of them outside the Lotus Temple posing in such a manner that the Shah felt compelled to mutter "fack me, it's Charlie's Angels".  Sadly, we weren't quick enough to catch them on camera.

And here is the Lotus Temple. Dedicated to the Baha'i faith.

Lodi Gardens

where even the squirrels are strange...

Plenty of space yet...Notice that only Dad gets to wear a helmet.
Every lorry had 'Horn Please' painted on the back in highly colourful style.  An instruction all other drivers were only too happy to comply with!

The traffic (which I wrote about last time) was the worst we had ever encountered.  Unbelievably noisy and heavy with no regard for road rules but, oddly no road rage either.  Maybe they got it all out of their systems by incessant use of the horn?

I think I found the suspicious person.....

                                                            I suggest the 'Soundhy Harad', Shah

Delhi was great and really interesting but we were keen to move on after three days and head off to see Agra and the Taj Mahal.  Well, it would have been rude not to.

*Coconut - a pejorative term I like to use for the Shah (one of many) indicating that he is brown on the outside and white on the inside.


  1. India is very high up on our list of places we want to go, lovely photos me dear. ps moped wouldn't be out of place in Turkey, I am winning the weirdest moped spotting with a full family and a goat (with front hooves on the handlebars) but Andrew in close second with 3 fat men, which was a joy to behold over speed bumps\!!!

    1. I can highly recommend it and am available for travel advice if needed (stealing Trish's crown)!

    2. Ps - have seen man and sheep on a moped in Marrakech, also man driving with sheep in passenger seat! Can I claim third place?

  2. Great to read you again. You haven't missed much on my blog anyway - only just posted today after a barren spell.
    I do like how our menfolk are happy to pose for our blog photos - Dougie is very helpful in this regard too.
    Ooh and super photos - the architecturally significant and the just plain daft. Woman after my own heart!

    1. Thank you Trish but I fear I pale in comparison to you as a travel writer!

  3. Great to see the Shah in action. He sounds like quite a dude.

    I love your term of endearment for him too!

    Your pics are quite an eclectic bunch, keep up the good work, it's great to see a variety of pics from a place, including bizarre squirrels. :)

    1. The Shah certainly has his moments Sarah, but then you've probably twigged that by now! I will try and purloin some of his photos for subsequent posts as they're much better than mine (irritatingly!)

  4. What a fantastic trip. I can't wait to see & hear more. And I'm borrowing/stealing the ' explosion in a wtf factory' love it!

    1. Thanks Jay - I only wish I'd thought of the Explosion in a WTF Factory first!!

  5. Laandsakes lady this was just the tonic I needed. "Does he hell as like! (whoops - northern roots showing there). The Shah is, as I like to tell anyone who will listen, a confirmed coconut.* In fact he spent the entire holiday referring to his countrymen as "them". QED." those words are like poetry. I am v. v, (sorry have been reading Bridget Jones) jealous of you going around India. I was always going to "do" it on way back home but never returned in NZ. BTW, your husband is v. gd. looking. You have been hiding that from us! Funny, Lodi is a tiny town an hour from Oakland. Are they twins or just related?

    1. Glad to be of service Jody and thank you for your kind words! I absolutely loved India and can't recommend it highly enough as a destination, but maybe wait until the kids are a bit older!


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