Sunday, 18 March 2012

The difference between boys and girls...

And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a neat illustration of the difference between boys and girls, courtesy of Mother's Day.

Here is my daughter's card.
It is hand-made and there is a beautiful, loving message inside.

Compare and contrast with this TOWIE-like* offering from number 1 son...

And here is the message inside it...

I'm afraid I've super-sized it so that you can read the scrawl.  I'm hoping to shame him into producing something better next year.

Oink oink, flap flap...

*For my non-Brit readers, TOWIE stands for 'The Only Way is Essex' which is a "dramality" show - pretty much the equivalent of Jersey Shores or The Hills and no, I have never seen a single episode of any of them...and I'm proud of it!


  1. I like the way your son gave the matter enough thought to buy the tackiest card on purpose, hoping, presumably that it would give you a laugh.

    Vive la différence! :)

  2. Both cards are great....for different reasons. Aren't we lucky?

  3. And they both love you!
    I didn't get a card but did get a small present from my son when he came home from France yesterday - a bar of soap from a French soap factory. He told me all the mothers would be getting bars of soap as the teacher had reminded them at the factory that it would be Mother's Day on their return. It's the thought that counts: it was the teacher's thought but at least somebody thought!

  4. Sarah - I hadn't thought of it like that! It did give me a laugh, particularly as he forgot to write it until 8pm!

    Libby - yes we are!

    HF - quite surprising really - and gratifying!

    Trish - and they say the French are soap dodgers! Our French exchange student arrived last night and seemsto be settling in far so good!

  5. Well, The Girl gave me a hand drawn card with a Pokemon on the front (???). I bought The Boy a card but he forgot to write it. He did ask me what I wanted for Mother's Day and I said 'Nothing but thanks anyway' so that's what he bought me. Nothing. Clearly he has much to learn about women!

  6. Hmm, WG, can't say I would readily associate you with Pokemon?!? Boys are hopeless. L didn't even remember to write my card until 8pm!

  7. Hmm, WG, I can't say that Pokemon is something I would readily associate with you?!? Boys are hopeless. It took L till 8pm to even write my card!

  8. Oh bloody he'll, I wish Blogger would stop playing up :-(

  9. So so brilliant - same in our house - except they get on the computer, nick all the images and stick them altogether. Better than my friend though who says one of her boys refuses to wish her a happy birthday - what's that all about?

  10. At least yours make an effort Jody! No idea what the 'no happy birthday' thing is all about either....


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