Monday, 10 October 2011

Fascinating Aida

If (as the saying goes) you only see one show this year - make it Fascinating Aida's 'Cheap Flights Tour'.  I have been vaguely aware of their existence for years now but without actually realising what it is they do.  Essentially they are a cabaret act I hope they wouldn't kill me for saying that) and sing hysterically funny (and wonderfully rude) songs that they write themselves.  

They shuffled to the forefront of my consciousness recently when someone sent me the link to the now famous 'Cheap Flights' song which you can watch here:-

Ignore the audience applauding - keep watching till the end.  There are versions on YouTube with subtitles if you prefer.

Anyway, I managed to get tickets for a Sunday matinee recently.  The Shah was very sniffy.  "Who are you going to go with?" he asked snidely.  "YOU" I said, "and, for that, you can drive."  After a period of whining and bleating (all of which I ignored as ever) he gave in half-gracefully and the promise of a G&T at the theatre cheered him up no end.  We had brilliant seats - 2nd row - and the atmosphere was great - relaxed and friendly.  The trio came on stage to rapturous applause from a packed venue.  Their opening song (about Bankers) called Companies Utilising Nifty Taxation Systems (and I'll leave you to acronym that one for yourselves) rendered the Shah a weeping, hysterical blob.  By half way through the first half of their act, I sincerely thought the woman next to me was going to vomit with laughter.  She almost had to be stretchered out and given a hefty dose of gas 'n air.  Adele Anderson announced 'Cheap Flights' by saying that they had written it specially for a swanky party they played at in Ireland, had put it up on YouTube and it had gone fungal. Dillie Keane interrupted to say patronisingly "I think you mean vinyl..."

Another gem is The Dogging Song.  Needs no explanation from me...:)

The pair of us laughed ourselves stupid.  It was a fabulous show and I thoroughly recommend it.  Afterwards, the three of them came out to the foyer to sell DVDs and CDs and chat to their fans.  Never seen an act do that before!


  1. Will definitely keep an eye out! Because they're probably almost definitely sure to come to Edinburgh either now or next festival.
    And I did LOL at cheap flights.....

  2. Hi Macy - if you liked Cheap Flights you would definitely like the rest of their act. Quite a lot of it is what my mother likes to call "sheer filth" lol

  3. Like you I have heard of them but never seen them....glad you enjoyed the concert....did the Shah take much persuading because what iducement did you use? I may have to try it with the mister.....

  4. Sounds a brilliant show. Aren't they on the radio a lot?

  5. I'm sure they are coming to Peterborough soon (or may have already been). Loved the YouTube video which, like you, I saw some time ago. Sounds just up my street!

  6. Libby - I find that the promise of alcohol usually induces the Shah to do pretty much any damn thing, which has come in handy on many occasions.

    Sarah - they may well be on the radio but I hardly ever get time to listen to it. If I do, occasionally tune it to a channel I like and a programme I want to hear, I am generally shouted down by teenagers who want non-stop pop music on 24 hours a day :-(

    Trish - they are right up my street too. I love clever rhymes and if they are funny at the same time, so much the better. Do go along if you get the chance. Their shows seem to sell out pretty fast.


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