Thursday, 15 September 2011

Conversation with a teenager

We are mooching about in the kitchen.  I have a conversation with my (Undergraduate studying History and International Relations) son.  It goes like this:-

Me:  Are you going to go and see 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'?
Him:  Nah!  S'gay.  Why?
Me:  Well, it's about the Cold War and I thought you might be interested...
Him: Oh!  I thought it was some spazzy kids' film...

Which just goes to prove that you can lead a boy to culture but you can't make him think. (To coin a phrase).


  1. We saw the trailer for it tonight and my wee one (10yrs old) said I like that Column Films. I eventually worked out she meant Colin Firth LOL

  2. Hi! I just found you through Britmums and have read some of your more recent posts and they really made me chuckle! So thanks a lot!

  3. Oh don't they always let you down haha! Though when we saw an advert for it here, my son asked me what it was about and I realised my answer was so vague, he raised his eyebrows in that way they do when they know you're out of your depth.

  4. Oh I'm glad it's not just mine!

  5. Ha!

    I had a conversation that went as follows:

    Child - Our history teacher made us go to a website today called ''

    Me - snigger.

    Child(with withering look) - I'm supposed to be there to learn.

    Count your blessings :)

  6. Ooh I can't wait to see it...find out if Gary Oldman makes a good George Smiley or not...loved the original and still have them on VHS tape...sad eh?

  7. Taz - lol! That's a much more interesting name than Colin Firth!

  8. Almost Bedtime - thank you for your kind words and welcome to my humble blog. As a first time visitor, you get a reply all to yourself - you lucky girl! I hope you keep visiting and I will pop over to yours soon. CQ

  9. Trish - I get the raised eyebrows too and I realised recently that he has taken to calling me 'Mother' when he wants to be especially patronising!

    Sarah - they are all the same - trust me.

    Andy - I've seen that website - it's hilarious! That teacher clearly has a sense of humour...

    Libby - Going on Tuesday (to the cinema with a bar - natch). I will report back if you haven't seen it by then. We still have some VHS tapes but, sadly, nothing to view them on!

  10. Wonderful! Eldest was plannng to read the novel before we take a trip to the pictures, but after last weeks experience with Jane Eyre she's decided to leave a lengthy gap between the two cultural experiences.

  11. HF - I think the words 'culture' and 'teenager' are mutually exclusive are they not?


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