Sunday, 13 February 2011

7 things you really shouldn't know about me....

Having been tagged by Not Supermum in her fine blog, I am now obliged to do two things.  One is to pay a compliment to Not Supermum which is easy.  She is a single parent and, by all accounts, is doing a great job at it.  speaking as one who finds parenting quite hard enough, even with the (occasional) input of the Shah - that is enough to earn my admiration.  I now have to tell you seven things about me that you may not know and may not want to.  So here goes:-

  1. I have a deep and abiding hatred of carrots.  As far as I am concerned, the only good carrot is a dead carrot.
  2. I am a gifted mimic - imitating Les Dawson is my party piece.
  3. I come from a large family and have 27 first cousins.
  4. I stand 6ft 4in in my stockinged feet.  Eat your Hart out Miranda...
  5. I have a cat who is addicted to strawberry yoghurt.
  6. I come from a Russian/Sioux bloodline. 
  7. I am a (fading) redhead
I think I now have to tag more people to keep the chain going so here you go Wylye GirlAuntie Gwen,Taz let's be having you!

The above are truths alternating with lies...starting with number...?


  1. Wow, I'm wondering if we have to guess which of them are true or not? 6'4"? Really?

    If they're true they are fascinating facts, if they are imagined they are fascinating lies. Great stuff. Oh and thanks for the compliment :-)

  2. Oh God, I am so boring compared to you but I will get on it xxx

  3. Not Supermum - maybe 4'6" would have been more believable!

  4. Auntie - oh go on with you! Your life with Hot Boy et al sounds fascinating and never fails to make me laugh! xx

  5. Unfortunately it was blackcurrant juice in that glass but apparently I had demanded sherry or port or whatever it was that the olds were drinking so they gave me that to placate me - not sure if it worked but I still tend to spill half my drink down myself ;)

    6' 4" really? Wow someone taller than me!! I'm 6ft and always the giant LOL

    Thanks for the tag, yes that will give me another post for my insane blog a day challenge I set myself. xx

  6. My how you have grooooowwwwwwwnnnn since I last saw you ;) xx

  7. It's no good trying to come over all innocent now Taz - we know the truth. lol!

  8. WG - yes I am a woman of, ahme, immese stature as you well know....:)


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