Friday, 14 May 2010

A labour of love....

When I started this blog, I was determined that I wouldn’t use it to make pronouncements on news items, unless they were light-hearted ones or I could find a comic angle – it’s just not what this blog is for and God knows, there are plenty of smug gits out there sharing their views on everything from global warming to the common cold.

Having said all that, this has been one of the most interesting and exciting periods in politics that I can ever recall.  The run up to the election, the night itself and the morning after with all the possible permutations of a hung parliament to pick over.

It was a joy to watch the likes of Jacqui Smith sent packing, not to mention that waste of DNA that is Lemsip Armpit or whatever his name is.

For the first time ever (and it certainly never happened in the past three years) I was actually impressed and moved by Gordon Brown and the speech he gave as he left Downing Street for the last time (much as I despise his period in power, the zillions of stealth taxes he waved through and his government’s signal failure to control the Banker Bastards).   Why did the aerial view of his car, containing his family – the sons he has admirably kept out of the limelight and the stalwart Sarah – complete with Police outriders, sweeping into Buckingham Palace as he went to take his leave of the Queen for the last time bring a lump to my throat?  FFS, I’m going soft in my old age!  But it was all slightly spoiled by the BBC voiceovers – David Dimbleby rudely interrupting everyone, clearly labouring under the delusion that he was more informed and interesting than everyone else. 

Then we saw DC and Sam Cam via the same aerial camera, swishing through the rush hour – no police escort this time – and getting held up in a queue of traffic.  The best bit was the guy on the pavement who suddenly spotted who was in the car.  He was jumping around with excitement, waving and pointing and jabbing his hand into his pocket , scrabbling for his phone.  It wasn’t possible to see the reactions of the Camerons but I like to think they might have flipped him the bird for being such a dick.  So he takes a few photos, leaping around in front of the car and pointing wildly into the back and then phones a friend who tells him where the camera is, so the next shot is of him waving like a loon towards the top of Nelson’s column.  Eventually, two hefty, dark suited blokes emerged from the car following the Camerons and ‘persuaded’ him to feck off and leave them alone.  Perhaps not the dignified start to his leadership that DC might have liked.

Better still was the footage shown on ‘Have I Got News For You’ last night of a press conference held by DC and Mick Clog.  A question was asked of DC as follows:- “Prime Minister, do you now regret that when you were asked what your favourite joke was, you replied ‘Nick Clegg’ and Deputy Prime Minister, what do you think of that?”  Genius.  At least Britain can still inject humour into its politics.  Can’t wait to see how this parliament pans out.

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