Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Killing Fields

Hello again from the killing fields of suburban England. Sorry to keep banging on about animals, but there has been a surfeit of them in my life this week. The body count round these parts makes Agatha Christie look like Enid Blyton.

Since the discovery of the morbidly obese pigeon (see previous post) the count has been as follows:

Large, adult rat (dead) 1
Small Vole (dead) 1
Small Mice - (very much alive) 2

We are currently running at an average of one unwelcome guest per day and, frankly, I could do without it. The rat was particularly unpleasant, but at least it was dead and I was grateful. I was also unimpressed by the Shah (Blue job) picking it up by the tail and offering a discourse on the size of its teeth. I should also mention that all this killing activity takes place overnight and so the discovery of the stiff little (or not so little) corpses happens before breakfast. eeeewwwww

To add insult to injury, I mentioned the rat to TS the following afternoon (he's broken up for Christmas and so doesn't emerge from his pit until gone midday).

"Oh yes", quoth he. "I heard the cats growling at each other last night so I knew they'd brought something in."
"Great", I reply. "So what did you do about it?"
"Um, I ran to bed."

STOP PRESS: One more mouse has entered the building. Shah???!!!

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