Monday, 1 November 2010


The last thing I said last night as I went off to bed to the Shah and TD was 'don't forget to re-set your alarm clocks'.  'Oh yes,' they cried confidently.  

I'm now sooo tired, I can hardly see to type.  The reason?  At 5.15 this morning, I was woken up by the Shah lumbering around the bedroom.  He tried his best not to wake me (all together now, aaah!) but kept tripping over things in the dark and muttering oaths under his breath.

'S'funny', I thought through a haze of exhaustion, 'he must be getting the first train.'

Eventually he stumbled off downstairs and a short while later, I stumbled after him.  'I thought you were asleep?' he said accusingly.  'WTF?' I replied in a ladylike manner. 'Why the hell are you up so early?'

'Um, I thought it was 6.15' sez the Shah producing the puppy face.

Is there such a term as spousicide?


  1. No, buth there probably should be!! xx

  2. Would it be a crime of passion though and should I top him in France and possibly get away with it under that plea?!


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